Publishing Your Website Online


FTP Step-by-Step Instructions
Download free ftp client

Uploading through DreamWeaver
Uploading through FrontPage
Control Panel

Dreamweaver Publishing

pass: *******
(see account activation email ftp details section)

Once you've defined sites in your dreamweaver do to edit the site
--> Go into Remote Info Section

==>In the Access menu choose ftp

==> FTP Host: (no www) or in the first 24h until the DNS info updates use the ip address of your site (you can find ip address in your account activation email)

==>Host Directory: /var/www/html

==> Login: (it has to look like an email address with an @ sign- see your account activation email ftp login details section)
Password: your password

FrontPage Publishing Details

publish destination: (no www)
user: username
pass: password

==> Open your Frontpage Web. Click File at the top and choose Publish Web.

==> Choose FrontPage or SharePoint Services and type in your (no www.) under Remote Web Site location.

==> Type in your username and password when Frontpage prompts you

==> At the bottom right, select (local to remote) and click Publish Web site.

==> Frontpage will notify you that the Web Site has been published successfully

Control Panel

We reccomend you don't use Control panel to upload your files onto your account. You should use ftp, dreamweaver, frontpage instead as Control Panel only uploads 1 file at a time and would take too much time to upload the whole website.

Control Panel is generally used for managing your hosting account (not uploading).
Through it you'll be able to add/remove user/email accounts, add/remove subdomains, manage your email settings (email forwards, autoresponders etc).
Full step-by-step instructions on using control panel can be found in the help files of the control panel once you've logged in (Left hand side).

To log in go to: and enter the user/login info supplied in your account activation email.

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